Monday, May 17, 2010

Larval fish traps

My Larval fish traps make collecting invertebrate and fish larvae much easier. I've made and sold over 50 of these traps around the world in the last two years. could have sold more, but these traps are hand made and time consuming. lately I've improved the design of my traps, and developed better techniques for building them faster. If anyone is interested in breeding marine ornamental fish or invertebrates, you may need one of these larval fish traps. Traps can be sent anywhere in the world, and only cost 30$ USD plus shipping.

interested in buying one? contact me on Mofib ( or email me at

The traps operate using an air lift to pull water into the trap. Larval fish and invertebrates are typically attracted to light when they are born, so they will come to the trap by means of the LED flashlight. When the larvae reach the LED flashlight, the air lift will suck them into the trap. Larvae are held in the holding section of the trap until your able to move them to the rearing tank. No more staying up till 2 AM waiting for your fish to hatch and collecting them by hand!